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Date Who Place City
13.02.23 15 Y Icarus: Matterhorn Well + Mirek Coutigny Minard Gent

Concert Tape Series

Icarus Concert Tape #5: Razen Listen Here!

Razen is the duo of Kim Delcour and Brecht Ameel. Drawing on traditions of Old European music, deep-listening methods and raw sustained notes, they establish their status as the finest avant-deepdrone ensemble of Belgium. These two live sets will be released on the House Of Alchemy label.

Icarus Concert Tape #4: Greg Haines Listen Here!

Live set by Greg Haines
Recorded at Piano Anders #3, CCHA Hasselt


Icarus Concert Tape#3: Fabrizio Paterlini/Rachel Grimes Listen Here!

1. Fabrizio Paterlini, Live at Piano Anders #3, Hasselt
2. Rachel Grimes, Live at Piano Anders #3, Hasselt

Interview by Michiel Vanden Broecke
Thanks to CCHA/Laurent Pitsi/Fabrizio & Rachel 


Icarus Concert Tape #2: Kreng/The Haxan Cloak Listen Here!

1. Kreng-Live at Icarus Night XL, September 2012
2. The Haxan Cloak-Live at Bozar Electronic, September 2012


Icarus Concerts Tape #1: Nils Frahm Listen Here!

He talks about his music and you hear the stunning concert he did at our Icarus Night XL



Past Icarus Concerts:

The Catamites (Stephen O'Malley/Chris Brokaw)/Rafael Anton Irisarri/Nils Frahm/
A Winged Victory For The Sullen/Kreng/Roedelius/Raime/Ecila/Stray Dogs/Poppy Ackroyd/Peter Broderick/Greg Haines/Sankt Otten/Deaf Center/Mika Vainio/Herbstlaub/Kevin Verwijmeren/Find Hope In Darkness/Otto Lindholm/Tim Hecker/Andrea Belfi/Greg Fox/Dictaphone/Poltrock/Ensemble Economique/Aaron Martin/Erik K Skodvin

Icarus Records/Tumult FM/IPEM: Synthesis (19/03/2014)

SynthesisAt Tumult In Gent #2/Ghent University's request, Icarus invited some Belgian experimental artists to make music with the lgendary EMS Synthi 100. This colossal synthesizer, introduced in 1974 is owned by the Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music and was moved for this occasion from their museum to Gravensteen, the Midieval castle in the centre of Ghent, where the concerts took place.

We invited the following artists:
Kreng, Kaboom Karavan, Oubys, Red Stars Over Tokyo, Mauro Pawlowski, Köhn, lode, Floris Van Hoof to make 'something' with the synt. Ecila and Slumberland performed a 'more regular' live set. +/- 1000 people attended this event.




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