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Icarus Vinyl

Out NOW!

Mirek Coutigny - The Further They Ventured
Ltd Edition: dark red vinyl, numbered 1-100
Black Edition: regular black vinyl
All versions include a CD/DL/Insert
i008/VV037 Icarus Records / Vynilla Vinyl

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In recent years, pianist and producer Mirek Coutigny has worked on his own world of sound with electronic
and acoustic instruments. He improvised on sketches that he wrote over the last 10 years and reworked them for piano, strings, percussion and electronics.
The common thread running through “The Further We Ventured” is a fascination for the “suburbs”, more specific, the contrast between the often similar facades and the diversity of stories behind those facades.
This is also reflected in the contrast between the acoustic elements of the record (the “Safe Gray” of the neighborhood in which you grow up) and the slumbering electronics (the “Colorful Danger” that typifies a child’s raving imagination).

This second album sounds a lot more intuitive and organic: where debut album “Revisions # 1” was a record of thoughts, “The Further We Ventured” is a record from the heart. Sometimes complex, sometimes
amazingly accessible; comparisons with Jóhann Jóhannsson or Ólafur Arnalds are never far away.

After the first album, a live set was worked out with Jonathan Bonny (percussion) and Jolien Deley (cello). In this formation they won a few months ago both the audience prize and the jury prize for “Fresh Fish”, a competition for young talent from the Leffingeleuren festival. Coutigny also worked with Spectra Ensemble and Gabi Sultana and he was with his collective “Headliner” curator as well as organizer of the contemporary music festival “En Avant Mars”.





Icarus Tapes

BowIcarus Records i008, DL/MC
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Icarus Records proudly presents ICARUS​ TAPES #1: BOW.
Icarus Live Session #59: Bow is a live performance recorded for​our Icarus Radio Show.

Bow’s live session is the first one of a new series of limited Icarus Tapes, with artwork and pictures of the session by Jeroen De Wandel. Over the years, more than 60 Icarus Live Sessions have been recorded, and the library is still growing. After several vinyl releases, the label has now decided to release some of the best live sessions (initially recorded for radio broadcasting) on limited tape.

One afternoon in March 2019, a Ghent studio at the edge of an arm of the Scheldt river, the 5 musicians of BOW settled down and got ready. After a glance and a deep breath, the 5 fellows leap into the void.

BOW takes the gamble for this recorded radio session to improvise its music entirely. With five years of shared musical experience under their belts, the musicians know each other well and understand how to compose in real time. A contrapuntal cell is improvised, a texture sculpted, unexpected sounds arise, the musicians exult and focus on keeping the tension alive without ever breaking it. Immobile, they travel. Experienced, they know what they play. Improvising, they discover, along with the listeners, what they will play.

Icarus Live Session # 59 by BOW is a true allegory of the string: tightened to its proper tension to both sound correctly and respond subtly to the attacks of the Bow.

BOW is an ensemble made up of the musicians Margaret Hermant (Echo Collective) and Benoit Leseure on Violin, Jean-François Durdu on Viola, Marine Horbaczweski on Cello and Cyrille de Haes (Otto Lindholm) on Double Bass
Recorded and Mixed at Urgent Fm studio by Chaitanya Bhagwat.
Mastered by Dead Cow Studio - David Goetheyn. Artwork by Jeroen De Wandel.

Release date: 1/12/2019
Shipping as from 06/12/2019

Cassette version offers a BONUS B side Track - Live at Icarus (Part II) + Art box and signed photo.
Four different pictures of the session will be randomly included, every cassette gets one picture.
Collage and graphic design by Jeroen De Wandel






Best of 2019-Listen Here

in no particular order:

Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma-Intemporel
Caterina Barbieri-Ecstatic Computation
Kali Malone-The Sacrificial Code
Negativland-True False
Perila-Irer Dent
Thom Yorke-Anima
Holly Herndon-Proto
Jenny Hval-The Practice Of Love
Felicia Atkinson-The Flower And The Vessel
Helm-Chemical Flowers
Bow-Icarus Tapes #1
Laurie Anderson, Tenzin Choegyal, JesseParis Smith-Songs from the Bardo
The Comet Is Coming-Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery
Karibu orchestra-Music Over The Ruins
My Disco-Environment
Ana Roxanne-~ ~ ~
Angel Bat Dawid-The Oracle
Art Ensemble Of Chicago-We Are On The Edge
Jamie Branch-Fly Or Die II: Bird Dogs Of Paradise
Anna Homler-Deliquium In C
Junius Paul-ISM
Philip Thomas-Morton Feldman Piano
Jo Berger Myhre/Olafur Björn Olafsson-Lanzarote
Celestial Trax-Serpent Power
Mark Trecka-Everything Falling Crosses Over
Pierre Bastien & Tomaga-Bandiera Di Carta
Mats Eilertsen-Reveries & Revelations
Rrose-Hymn To Moisture
Reinier Van Houdt/Bruno Duplant-Lettres et Replis
Pierre Bastien - Tinkle Twang 'n Tootle
Park Jiha-Philos


RIP Dominique Lawalrée (1954-2019)

It is with great sadness that we heard about the sudden death of Dominique Lawalrée on May 8 2019. He played a great show at our Icarus Night, 29/03/19. We will remember Dominique as a great composer and piano player and above all, a wonderful man. We wish his family all the strength they need.

Dominique Lawalrée (b. 1954) was a Belgian composer and keyboard player, often associated with the New Simplicity movement, with over 500 compositions and 29 albums of hermetic, euphonic minimalism to his name. While pursuing a career as a music educator in his native Brussels, Lawalrée founded the Editions Walrus imprint in 1976 as a vehicle for non-commercial music, privately releasing a string of intimate solo records throughout the ‘80s featuring his own multi-tracked piano, synthesizers, tape, percussion, Wurlitzer, organ, and voice. Littered with references to forebears like Erik Satie (“Musique Satieerique”), Brian Eno (“Listen To The Quiet Voice”), Morton Feldman (“Morton A Fait Peur À Karlheinz”), and The Beatles (“Now Peace For Beatle John”), Lawalrée’s whimsical music of this period makes no secret of its influences. Yet while the elegant consonance of his recordings owes much to ambient or furniture music, a more apt metaphor would be that of wallpaper. Ornate and repetitive, its casual patterns can invite careful admiration from the willful listener or provide a subtle, comforting framework for domestic life.

Following a mystical experience in 1994, Lawalrée’s work took a turn for the liturgical, embracing a formerly latent spirituality in the form of religious concert music written until 2016. Although Eno once expressed interest in publishing Lawalrée’s recordings on his legendary Obscure Records, dissemination of Lawalrée’s output has until recently remained limited, its reception as personal as the work itself.
In 2017, a selection of his music was compiled on 'First Meeting', Lawalrée’s first stateside release compiling recordings from the Editions Walrus years.
Last year, Dominique played a Icarus Session in cooperation with IPEM, you can listen to it here.

There’s a beautiful nuance of consonance to his music that tantalises the ear with its warbling harmonic complexity and elegant pacing, yet it’s never challenging; always with a careful pop-ness that points to his equal appreciation of Satie, Feldman and Stockhausen as much as The Beatles or Led Zeppelin, the latter of whom he’s currently working on a series of books analysing their music second-by-second, and has led him to meetings with The Beatles’ engineer, Geoff Emerick, where he pointed out mistakes in the classic recordings which nobody else has ever noticed.
Read more.


Our Live Sessions

Upcoming sessions in our new radioseason 2019-2020: Karibu Orchestra, Piloot, Nagloed

Icarus Live Session #61: Karibu Orchestra: 20-10-2019, 21-22h, Urgent.fm

Belgian fusion jazz quintet, blended with ambient, funk, avant-garde and metal!

Check their album here.




Icarus Live Session #60: Bruno C

Bruno Coussée (BE) is a bass player, know from bands like Rheinzand, Manngold and Eiland.

In this session, Bruno explores new cosmic grounds by experimenting and improvising with his bass guitar and a bunch of effects.

Expect ECM, acid, kraut-noise and electronica.







Icarus Radio

Our new season, season 12, starts the first weekend of October!
Tune in every Sunday, Urgent.fm 105.3FM, 21h-23h! Or every Tuesday Night, 00h at Youfm, Mons.


Looking Back: 10 Years Icarus Radio

Interview with Enola Magazine: Read
Interview with Tumult: Listen

Icarus Night NTG, Gent, 2018




















Our radioshow celebrated its 10th birthday and we celebrated this 08/03/18 at NTGent in coop. with Democrazy!
We were so happy with our line-up: Andrea Belfi, Greg Fox and Dictaphone!

Review by ENOLA

Call for demos

We are looking for experimental/electronica artists who want to release their album on vinyl. Do you think your music would be suitable for our label? Please send us a copy to Bromeliastraat 13, 9040 Gent, Belgium or send it digitally to jeroen(at)icarus(dot)fm.

Release i008: Mirek Coutigny (BE)
: Early 2020

Release i007: Otto Lindholm (BE)

Official release date: 27/05/16.
Limited release, edition of 220-black vinyl only.

Mastered by Fred Alstadt
Artwork by Jeroen De Wandel for Bless You
Screen Print by Marijke Loozen

Double bass player and electronic producer Otto Lindholm comes to light with his project and debut LP simply called ‘Otto Lindholm’, set for release on Icarus Records | Vynilla Vinyl in May 2016.
In the mood of bands and projects as Mohammad (PAN) or James Ginzburg & Yair Elazar Glotman’ Nimbes for Subtext, Otto Lindholm debut LP proposes an intense and noir three track LP, comprised by stand-alone experiments coming from a unique producing process elaborated by the artist where each track was played and recorded in one shot. The double bass dialogues in the dark with blinking analogue machines creating beatless but dynamic music, fully habited by plate-shifting bass drones.
The debut-album by Otto Lindholm is released on a limited vinyl edition by Vynilla Vinyl/Icarus Records, mastered by Frederic Alstadt. Photographer Jeroen De Wandel designed the record sleeve, resulting in a beautiful silkscreen by Marijke Loozen.

« At once dangerous and stunningly beautiful » (FACT magazine)
« An absolutly incredible piece of music » (Mary Anne Hobbs / BBC)
« An incredible odyssey. A great year for classical deconstruction/detonation/disintegration with records by Roly Porter, Paul Jebanasam and Otto Lindholm » (The Bug)
« Stunning » (Rob Booth / Electronic Explorations)
« WOW » (Throwing Snow)








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