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Icarus Live Session #41: Music Of Benares (Pandit Shivnath Mishra-Deobrat Mishra- Prashant Mishra)
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Bruno BavotaWe are very proud to introduce you to some legends in Indian traditional classical music for this Live Session. This set was recorded during their European Tour in Soulpath Gent, Belgium. From their home city of Benares (North-India), an ancient spiritual centre of traditional music and Indian culture, “The Mishras” are bringing classical North Indian Ragas and meditative music to the world audience, gifting the audience with a fabulous performance and a spiritual experience. Pandit Shivnath Mishra, also known as “Legend of the Sitar” is the 6th generation of the prominent Benares Gharana lineage of top class singers including Pandit Bade Ramdas Mishra. He has performed with several international jazz artists such as John Handy, Paul Horn, David Freezen and received many awards. he plays here with his son Deobrat and nephew Prashant.


Pandit Shivnath Mishra, Sitar
Deobrat Mishra, Sitar
Prashant Mishra, Tabla

Icarus Live Session #42: Kevin Verwijmeren
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KevinSince 2013, he creates musical patterns and melodies, which he combines into contemplative landscapes of sound.

Inspired by the sound and emotion of Loscil, Tim Hecker and Pan American, Verwijmeren constructs a musical cocoon to imagine a vision of a different world. Through his dark but beautiful soundscapes, he tries to break daily routine and accept the dark side of life.
His debut album ‘Those Glorious Heights’ will be released on (date) in a limited edition on Icarus Records/Vynilla Vinyl, with artwork by Jan Van Der Kleijn. The album was mastered by Stephan Mathieu (Schwebung Mastering).


Icarus Live Session #43: Isaac
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In the '90s, Pol Isaac was one of the driving forces in several undeground projects in Kortrijk, Belgium. He worked live with Galatasaray and Ozark Henry. In 2000, he started making music for dance & theatre and playing solo livesets. In 2007 he released a first record, 'Godelieve' on Radical Pigeon, followed in 2010 by a record on Usain Bolt Records.
Isaac prefers to perform live and we were happy to get him in our studio for a live session.




Icarus Live Session #44: Innerwoud
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Constantly shifting between contemporary classical music, moody drones, and haunting soundscapes, he captivates his audience across genres and conventions.

Innerwoud's debut on Consouling Sounds captures the essence of his live shows, augmented with sparse and well-aimed arrangements, resulting in an album that crawls deeply under the skin.

The same overwhelming spirit took us far away during this live session.






Icarus Live Session #45: Gabi Sultana
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Gabi Sultana, who hails from the island of Malta, is a highly acclaimed soloist and chamber musician, especially within the contemporary music scene.

She won a lot of piano competitions, toured around the globe and got a post masters degree in contemporary music. As an active chamber musician, she is currently working with SPECTRA Ensemble and is experimenting with electronica.

We were very happy to record her set at Gentsche Festspiele in July 2016.





Icarus Live Session #46: Anus Nocturnum
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Nolf Kaka aka Anus Nocturnum is a music freak, underground dj, record collector and makes music with modular synths since the nineties.
His releases appeared on Vlas Vegas, Usain Bolt Records and Wool-E Tapes. His legendary performances took place in regular venues in Kortrijk (BE) such as De Kreun, Cinépalace but also in a monasatry, bunkers, on a floating house etc.





Icarus Live Session #47: Bear Bones, Lay Low
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Bear Bones, Lay Low is the power drone project of Brussels-based Venezuelan Ernesto Gonzalez. He builds an energetic wall of sound with guitar fuzz, vocals, tapes and a bunch of effects.

Rabih Beaini (Morphine Records):
"Played Lightning Eyelids from his latest album in the middle of a set, and the whole place came down!!"

Releases on KRAAK, Rush Hour, Oaken Palace etc.

Talking about music, his roots, politics and Blink 182.