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Tracklist 14.07.2019 Listen Here

1. Yves De Mey-Exit Strategy 7
2. Hüma Utku-Black Water Red
3. Ricardo Donoso-Disconnected Visions
4. Helm-Toxic Racecourse
5. Ikonika-Bodied (OG Mix)
6. Sexteto Tabala ft leon Pardo-Ofelia (Cerrero Dub Mix)
7. The London Sound Survey-The Albert Basin
8. Felicia Atkinson-You Have to Have Eyes
9. Earthen Sea-Spatial Ambiguity
10. Celestial Trax-Untitled
11.Holly Herndon-Crawler


Tracklist 07.07.2019 Listen Here

1. 9T Antiope & Siavash Amini-Blue As In Bleeding
2. Helm-You Are The Database
3. SSSS-Shifting Places II
4. Felicia Atkinson & Stephen O' Malley-Des Pierres
5. Nasca-Ketama
6. Holly Herndon-Frontier
7. Com Truise-Ultrafiche Of You
8. Kate Tempest-Brown Eyed Man
9. Kamikaze Space Program-Dust
10. Paper Dollhouse-Glass Tower


Tracklist 30.06.2019 Listen Here

1. Andrea Belfi-Roteano
2. Fred Firth with Tuareg & Cique O-Ghost Stories
3. Juarta Putra-Pembukaan
4. Mulatu Astatke-Yekatit
5. Fire Orchestra-Weekends (The Soil Is Calling)
6. Mats Eilertsen, Harmen Fraanje, Thomas Strønen-Perpetum
7. The Comet Is Coming-The Universe Wakes Up
8. Jon Hassell-Miracle Steps


Tracklist 23.06.2019 Listen Here

1. Charlemagne Palestine & Rrose-The Goldennn Meeenn+Sheeen
2. Kate Tempest-People's Faces
3. Anthony Laguerre-V
4. Fire Orchestra- Silver Trees


Tracklist 16.06.2019 Listen Here

1. Organo-June 9th
2. The London Sound Survey-Allhalows Mashes NightOrphan Swords-Evidence
3. Orphan Swords-Evidence
4. Caterina Barbieri-Bow Of Perception
5. Mira Calix-rightclick
6. Cigarras-Caraça Treme
7. IQ+1-House
8. Angel Bat Dawid-Black Family
9. Efdemin-Temple


Tracklist 09.06.2019 Listen Here

1. Yves De Mey- Exit Strategy 8
2. Alvin Lucier & Morton Feldman-August Moon (excerpt)
3. Jessica Pavone-And Maybe In The End
4. Tomas Tell-Valle Interandino
5. Sarana-Tenggat Waktu
6. 9T Antiope-Nocebo ptA
7. Fred Firth with Tuareg And Cirque O-Le Jour Se Lève
8. Tavishi-Lobne Paap, Paape Mrityu
9. Amon Tobin-Velvet Owl
10. Gustavo Obligado-Gaoh El Gigante


Tracklist 02.06.2019 Listen Here

1. Phew, Oren Ambarchi, Jim O' Rourke-Patience Soup Pt1
2. The London Sound Survey-Tower Bridge: North Bascule Chamber
3. Eva-Maria Houben-Erwartung 1, Pianist
4. Anna Homler-Deliquium In C


Tracklist 26.05.2019 Listen Here

1. Yves De Mey- Antimony
2. Amon Tobin-Heart Of The Sun
3. 9T Antiope-Nocebo B
4. Brian Harnetty-Sigmund
5. Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement-The Mountain Didn't Want To be Cut And The Mountain Fought Back pt 2 (Fever Waits Inside He Concrete Canal Locks)
6. Asuna & Jan Jelinek-Blinking Of Countless Lines
7. Japan Blues-Tepco Shareholder
8. Mark Trecka-Sheep Ranch
9. Lubomyr Melnyk-Solitude No1


Tracklist 19.05.2019 Listen Here

Icarus Live Session #60: Bruno Coussée

Bruno Coussée (BE) is a bass player, know from bands like Rheinzand, Manngold and Eiland. In this session, Bruno explores new cosmic grounds by experimenting and improvising with his bass guitar and a bunch of effects. Expect ECM, acid, kraut-noise and electronica.


Tracklist 12.05.2019 Listen Here

1. Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement-Hunting Down Individual Mosquitos
2. Sarana-Aku Adalah Kamu
3. Amon Tobin-Vupers Follow You
4. Sam Kidel-Voice Recognition Dos Attack
5. Caterina Barbieri-Closest Approach To Your Orbit
6. Muqata'a-Taqamus Muqawim
7. Mira Calix-Just Go Along
8. JAB-Chanterai Por Mon Coraige
9. Angel Bat Dawid-Capetown (ft Asher Simiso Gamedze)


Tracklist 05.05.2019 Listen Here

1. Asuna & Jan Jelinek-Relief Pt 1
2. Barnett and Coloccia-Bachelor's Grove
3. Celestial Trax-Blossoms In The Blue Sky
4. Deaf Center-Entity Voice
5. Julia Kent-Sheared
6. Filipe Pires-Homo Sapiens
7. Antonio Ferreira-O Verao Nascau Da PaixaoDe 1921
8. Fennesz-Rainfall
9. Japan Blues-Yakuza No Uta
10. Amet-Imposer Le Savoir


Tracklist 28.04.2019 Listen Here

1. Sarah Davachi-Perfumes I
2. Mark Trecka-First-Kicking-Form
3. Brian Harnetty-Amanda
4. De Branding-Drieven
5. Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg-Out Of Hand
6. Alban & Cedric Theys-Wezen
7. Oneohtrix Point Never-Last Known Image Of A Song
8. Jiga-Nitya
9. Interchain-XTC


Tracklist 21.04.2019

Icarus Live Session #59: BOW.

BOW is a Belgian string quintet (Margaret Hermant, Marine Horbaczewski, Benoit Leseure, Jean-François Durdu, Cyrille de Haes) who'll release their first album in 2019. Icarus got a sneak preview with this completely improvised set. 
BOW celebrates musical freedom.

Juggling between their own written music and pure improvisation, the five string players dig into their instruments’ capabilities and blend their large scope of influences.

The quintet recently finished to record its first eponym LP due to be released in automn 2019.

BOW worked with artists such like jazz singer Melanie De Biaso, Composer Laurent Plumhans, Vj Dirty Monitor, Théâtre de l’Ancre or more recently guitarist Myrdinn De Cauter.

Margaret Hermant – Violin
Benoit Leseure – Violin
Jean-François Durdu – Viola
Marine Horbazweski – Cello
Cyrille de Haes – Double Bass
PA: Chaitanya Bhagwat, Interview: Jeroen De Wandel


Tracklist 14.04.2019 Listen Here

Icarus Night Special: Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin Live

Improvised concert by Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin.
Live recorded (Jan 2019) at Icarus Night, Bar Mirwaar, Gent (BE).


Tracklist 07.04.2019 Listen Here

1. Fennesz-In My Room
2. Richard Devine-Sentik Pin
3. Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda-FU TA TA BI
4. Stijn Hüwels-Tomodachi (Ralph)
5. Ryuichi Sakamoto-Bachata
6. JAB-Planner's Beauty
7. Jarboe-Wayfaring Stranger In The Bardo
8. FRKTL-Hverfa Af Himni Hendar Stjörnur
9. Michele Mercure-A Little Piece


Tracklist 31.03.2019 Listen Here

1. Giancarlo Nunco Locatelli-Crocus
2. Afförys-Nossa Senhora
3. Christiano Calcagnile-Tatunomi
4. Wadada Leo Smith-New orleans - The National Culture Park USA 1718
5. Sons Of Kemet-My Queen Is Mamie Phipps Clarke
6. The Comet IS Coming-Blood Of the Past (ft Kate Tempest)
7. Fire-She Bid A Meaningless Farewell


Tracklist 24.03.2019 Listen Here

1. Celestial Trax-In The End We Ascend
2. Geneva Skeen-Dream State (Recurring)
3. AkioSuzuki & Aki Onda-Ta Bi No Ha Te
4. Barnett and Coloccia-I'll Will
5. Black To Comm-A Miracle No Mother Childe At Your Breast
6. Richard Devine-Reusic
7. Lakker-Discourage It All
8. Lucas Niggli-Pulsantilla


Tracklist 17.03.2019 Listen Here

Icarus Live Session #58: Christina Vantzou (USA)

A composer & experimental filmmaker, she works with space, sound, and image on a level of curiosity and refinement. Over the course of fifteen years she has built an audiovisual language very much her own. Vantzou has composed and released four albums of ambient-classical music on Kranky and has developed a form of graphic musical notation influenced by abstract minimalists. Her many collaborations have included performing with Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse), co-founding The Dead Texan, creating abstract films for renowned musical artists, and performing with ensembles across 4 continents.

Interview: Jeroen De Wandel


Tracklist 10.03.2019 Listen Here

1. Julia Kent-Crepuscolo
2. Aurimas Bavarskis-Val
3. King Midas Sound-Bluebird
4. Aponogeton-The Night Sky Is Falling (Sixth Seal)
5. Bartellow San Ground San-Orto Vision
6. Deadline Paranoia-Summer Of 87
7. Victor Gama-Second Movement, Kalian Mode
8. Bashim Sonung-Ga-Ra-ra, Bosmun
9. Cosey Fanni Tutti-Drone
10. Grüne Rosen-Do You Feel The Love Inside Me?
11. Michele Mercure-Ghosts Before Breakfast
12. Club Mayz-The Mask of Sorrow
13. Automelodi-Vacances à Maiori


Tracklist 03.03.2019 Listen Here

1. W:V-Moonunit
2. Jo David Meyer Lysne-Saktere Dager
3. Hoera-≈
4. Supersilent-14.7
5. Simon Scott-Apricity
6. Alvin Curran-Walked The Way Home
7. BeWider-Last One Night


Tracklist 24.02.2019 Listen Here

1. Anne-Chris Bakker & Romke Kleefstra-Poasen
2. Snowdrops-Hot Springs (By Rasmee)
3. Lan Cao, Gregor Siedl, Wolfgang Seidel-Robin Hood Gardens
4. Corey Fuller-Look Into The Heart Of Light, The Silence
5. Cosey Fanni Tutti-Heliy
6. Silk Road Assassins-Shadwo Realm (ft WWWINGS) 
7. Paal Nilssen-Love-The Bone People
8. Alva Noto-Uni Mica


Tracklist 17.02.2019 Listen Here

1. Alina Kalancea-The 5th Apple
2. Machinefabriek-I (with Terence Hannum)
3. CV&JAB-Nub With Three Wraps Of Fabric
4. King Midas Sound-In The Night
5. Julia Kent-Last Hour Story
6. Eartheater-Switch
7. Yves Tumor-Economy Of Freedom
8. Farai-This IS England
9. Caecille Overgaard-Nightfly
10. Laurie Spiegel-Wandering In Our Times
11. Anna Guthrie-Serious Water
12. Tim Hecker-Is A Rose Petal Of Dying Crimson Light


Tracklist 10.02.2019 Listen Here

1. Jo David Meyer Lysne-Svalene Pa Arnes Brygge
2. Snowdrops-The Harmony Of Rohingya's Voices/Circles
3. Cat Hope & Lionel Marchetti-The Earth Defeats Me
4. Saba Alizadeh-Scattered Drops
5. Jerusalem In My Heart-Layali Al-Rast
6. Slumberland-Lines
7. Embassador Dulgoon-Sigillaria Spacecrofts
8. Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin-Hibiscus In A Glass Owl
9. Ben LaMar Gay-Jubilee


Tracklist 02.02.2019 Listen Here

1. Machinefabriek & Marissa Nadler-VIII
2. Bewider-La Nascita
3. 51717-Guide For The Perplexed
4. Luis Antero-Pastagens Sonores II
5. Building Instrument-Ta Regnet
6. Cæcilie Overgaard-Skyggeplet
7. Alina Kalancea-Poisonous Girl
8. Lucy Railton-Pinnevik
9. RAUM-Come Home (ft Arik Hayut)


Tracklist 27.01.2019 Listen Here

Icarus Live Session #57: Jeroen Diepenmaat (NL)

Jeroen Diepenmaat is a visual artist with a predilection for sound. In his work, consisting of drawings, sculptures, installations and performances, he explores the cutting edge between image and sound and the transition from one to the other.

PA: Alexander Duytschaever, John Buffel
Interview: Jeroen De Wandel


Tracklist 20.01.2019 Listen Here

1. Chaines-Eraserhead
2. Eli Keszler-We Live In Pathetic Temporal Urgency 
3. Ben Lamar Gay-Gator Teeth
4. Embassador Dulgoon-Incantations of The Aethyr Macgovanias
5. Ondness-Malta Inquieta
6. Lucy Railton-The Critical Rush
7. Low-Always Trying To Work It Out
8. Yves Tumor-Hope In Suffering (Escape Oblivion & Overcoming Powerlessness)
9. Homeboy Sandman-The Gut
10. Muqata's-Taqamus Muqawim
11. CV & JAB-String Of Objects With Planter
12. Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin-Instead Of Rain I Bring A Hat
13. Siria-Por Riba


Tracklist 13.01.2019 Listen Here

1. Félicia Atkinson-Abiquiu
2. Kajsa Lindgren-Forest
3. Hiro Kone-Poortgebouw
4. RAUM-Counter Initiates
5. 51717-Twisted Pair
6. Peder Mannerfelt-Cigarettes (Eurofierceness Mix)
7. Deena-Abdelwahed-Ken Skett..
8. Tony Allen & Jeff Mills-Locked and Loaded


Tracklist 06.01.2019 Listen Here

1. Meitei-Mushiro
2. Alvin Curran-Crystal Aires
3. Michele Mercure-De Dunk
4. Eli Keszler-The Driver Stops
5. Yves Tumor-Honesty
6. Eartheater-MMXXX (ft Moor Mother)
7. Senyawa-Tanggalkan Di Dunia (Undo the World)
8. Chaines-DOWN
9. CV&JAB-Rock House With Doors
10. Supersilent-14.12


Tracklist 30.12.2018 Listen Here

1. Catherine Christer Hennix-Equal Temperament Fender Mix
2. Lea Bertucci-At Dawn
3. Kajsa Lindgren-Far (to reach me)
4. Anenon-Pure
5. Lucy Railton-For J.R.
6. Embassador Dulgoon-Tabernacles Abandoned
7. Jon Hassell-Ndeya
8. Jenny Hval-I Want To Tell You Something
9. Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet-Old Motors and Helicopters
10. Ōgon Batto-Main Theme
11. Oneohtrix Point Never-We'll Take It
12. Aux Field-Memo
13. Anteloper-Fossil Record
14. Laurel Halo-Mercury
15. Poltrock-Horns She Said:360 (Live at Icarus Night)
16. David Sylvian & Holger Czukay-Plight (The Spiralling of Winter Ghosts)
17. Abul mogard-Despite Faith
18. Ben Chatwin-Nordsjøen
19. Skee Mask-VLI
20. Jan Jelinek-Joseph Beuys, it was you who said: Democracy is so big one can only sing about it. You recently made your debut as a singer. Which democracy are you singing about?
21. Masayoshi Fujita-Harp
22. Jenny Hval-The Dreamer Is Everyone In her Dream


Tracklist 23.12.2018 Listen Here

1. Abul Mogard-Tumbling Relentless Heaps
2. Maze & Lindholm-Part III
3. Ben Chatwin-Burning Witches
4. Eomac & Sean Carpio-Schistostega Pennata
5. Lea Bertucci-Sustain And Dissolve
6. Sarah Davachi-Matins
7. P.A.Hülsenbeck-A Serpent Of Velour
8. Cindy Blackman-Something For Art (Drum Solo)


Tracklist 16.12.2018 Listen Here

Icarus Live Session #56:Poltrock

Interview: Jeroen De Wandel
PA: Chaitanya Bhagwat / John Buffel


Tracklist 09.12.2018 Listen Here

1. Poltrock-Mute#2 : Rik (Live at Icarus Night)
2. Todd Barton & Ursula K.Le Guin-Dragonfly Song
3. Felicia Atkinson & Jefre Cantu Ledesma-TS
4. Anne Guthrie-Glass
5. Tim Hecker-Keyed Out
6. Ian William Craig-Some Absolute Means
7. Zuli-Nari
8. Peder Mannerfelt-Hibernation Hyper Nation
9. Yximalloo-Bachi
10. Puce Mary-Slouching Up Hill
11. Ana Da Silva & Phew-Stay Away


Tracklist 02.12.2018 Listen Here

Icarus Live Session #55: Ōgon Batto
Interview: Jeroen De Wandel
PA: Chaitanya Bhagwat / John Buffel


Tracklist 24.11.2018 Listen Here

1. Arve Henriksen, Eivind Aarset, Jan Bang-Reefs And Roots
2. Sarah Davachi-Third Hour
3. Thom Yorke-The Universe Is Indifferent
4. Julia Holter-Everyday Is An Emergency
5. BJ Nilsen-The Limits Of Function
6. Ana Da Silva and Phew-Dark But Bright
7. Ale Hop-Migration Data
8. Mads Emil Nielsen-Constellation
9. Soap & Skin-Falling


Tracklist 18.11.2018 Listen Here

Icarus Live Session #54: Ensemble Economique
Interview: Jeroen De Wandel
PA: Chaitanya Bhagwat / John Buffel


Tracklist 11.11.2018 Listen Here

1. Bruno Sanfilippo-Pianette
2. Ian William Craig-More Words For Mistake
3. Maze & Lindholm-Part I
4. Ōgon Batto-Swimming Pool
5. Johann Johannsson-Children Of The New Dawn
6. The Eye Of Time-A Need To Survive
7. Urbanfailure-Regenerated
8. Setabuhan-Tabuh Langit Tanduk Jawara (part 4)
9. Piernikowski/Golebiewski-Ostatni Taniec Chochola
10. David Ross-Internal Model
11. Puce Mary-A Feast Before The Drought
12. Spiritflesh-Crib
13. Dafydd Roberts/Andrew Leslie Hooker/Toshimaru Nakomura-Exemption From Meaning
14. Aux Field-Unstuck


Tracklist 04.11.2018 Listen Here

1. Abul Mogard-Above All Dreams
2. Giulio Aldinucci-The Tree Of Cryptography
3. Alistair MacDonald-Equivalence
4. M Geddes Gengras-Mirror
5. Poltrock-Bastl
6. Jon Hopkins-Everything Connected
7. Oubys-Karnak


Tracklist 28.10.2018 Listen Here

1. Geneva Skeen-Los Angeles Without Palm Trees
2. Ensemble Economique-In The Clear Blue Waters of Memory (ft Jung An Tagen)
3. Ōgon Batto-Did You Know I'm a Female?
4. Darren Copeland-River Valley Snapshots
5. Geir Sundstøl-Warszaw/Alabama 
6. Moskus-Jailhouse Art Music
7. Moster-Unhorsed By Chivalry
8. Piet Dierickx-Drone Suicide_M2


Tracklist 21.10.2018 Listen Here

1. Helios-Mulier
2. William Basinski & Lawrence English-Salva Oscura
3. Patrick Higgins-((redact_ion))
4. Machinefabriek with Signor Benedick The Moor-IX4
5. Atom Tm & Lisokot-Alliiertenwalzer
6. Anne-James Chaton & Andy Moor- Casino Rabelaisien
7. Aux Field-Memo
8. Valerio tricoli/Hanno Leichtmann-69 Tears
9. Ekuka Moriss Sirikiti-Peko Me Kin


Tracklist 14.10.2018 Listen Here

1. Giulio Aldinucci-Notturno Toscano
2. Ben Chatwin-Nordsjoen
3. Klara Lewis & Simon Fisher Turner-Drone
4. Cinema Perdu-Ijmuiden
5. Visions & Phurpa-Monad
6. Eivind Aarset's Electronique Noire-Wolf Extract
7. Jlin-First Overture (Spiritual Atom)
8. Oneohtrix Point Never-We'll Take it
9. Fis-Sieve Stack
10. Kaffe Matthews-One Plastic Bottle 450 Years


Tracklist 07.10.2018 Listen Here

1. Machinefabriek-Cradle
2. Dirk Serries,Benedict Taylor, Martina Verhoeven-Texture I
3. Ben Vince-Flight
4. Anteloper-Ohoneotree Suite
5. Skee Mask-Muk Fm
6. Aux Field-Garden In The Frame
7. Soundwalk Collective-Que La Poésie Soit d'Abord Résistance


Tracklist 30.09.2018 Listen Here

1. Sarah Davachi-Hours In The Evening
2. Toshiya Tsunoda & Taku Unami-Crickets Chrisping-Water Fountain In The Park
3. Kali Malone-Locus Of Repitition
4. Masayoshi Fujita-Harp
5. Olafur Arnalds-Ekki Hugsa
6. Jenny Hval-I Want To Tell You Something
7. Distant Fires Burning-Each Day (Original)
8. Cruel Diagonals-Render Arcane
9. Rim Banna-Maryam
10. Acre-External
11. Toshiya Tsunoda & Taku Unami-From The Rooftop, Railway Station
12. Ben Khan-Ruby
13. Nadine Byrne-Atlas


Tracklist 23.09.2018 Listen Here

1. David Sylvian & Holger Czukay-Plight (The Spiralling Of Winter Ghosts)
2. Soundwalk Collective-L'impossible du Possible
3. Jon Hassell-Dreaming
4. Alexandre Babel-Karlstag
5. Anne James Chaton & Andy Moor-The Things That Belong To William
6. Carla Bozulich-Emilia (feat. Francesco Guerri & Marc Ribot)
7. Laurel Halo-Supine
8. Eivind Aarset's Electronique Noire-Self Defence
9. Piet Dierickx-Black Echos_M2
10. Vainio & Vigroux-Luceatlux


Tracklist 16.09.2018 Listen Here!

1. Visions & Phurpa-Ascendance
2. Jenny Hval-The Long Sleep
3. Anteloper-Lethal Curve
4. Skee Mask-Session Add
5. Acre-Trial 6
6. Chevel-Bullet
7. Rim Banna-The Last Cord
8.Colin Stetson-Joanie
9. Jasmine Guffond-Niche Service
10. Shadows-The Arrival
11. Khaleb-Father And Grandpa


Tracklist 09.09.2018 Listen Here!

1. Toshiya Tsunoda & Taka Unami-Parking Lot For Bicycles/ The Library
2. Jeroen Diepenmaat-Reed Plays Deuter at 78rpm
3. Tsembla-False Awakening
4. Hakon Stene, Kristine Tjogersen-VI+VII-VIII+IX
5. Eva Maria Houben, Rebecca lane & Samuel Dunscombe-Observing Objects
6. Moskus-Ein Natt


Tracklist 02.09.2018 Listen Here!

1. Vainio & Vigroux-Brume
2. Nadine Byrne-Mothers and Daughters and Sisters
3. Carla Bozulich-Let It Roll (Ft John Eichenseer & Andrea Belfi)
4. Cruel Diagonals-Liminal Placement
5. Hanno Leichtmann, Valerio Tricoli-69 Tears
6. Bugge Wesseltoft & Prins Thomas-Bar Asfalt
7. Bill Frisell-Live To Tell
8. Laurel Halo-Mercury